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Sheryl Roush is a veteran of public speaking, a top-rated international communication skills presenter, an Accredited Speaker as honored for outstanding platform professionalism by Toastmasters International, and 20+ year Professional Member of the National Speakers Association.

Clients include: Deepak Chopra's lecture team; TurboTax's executive sales team; Jones Day lawyers; Olympians; Southwest Airlines; Museum Docents; and the San Diego Zoo.

7 Simple Steps to Business Presentations

Public Speaking Guidebook

This 48-page step-by-step manual provides 21 worksheets, checklists and templates to help you develop, design and deliver a dynamic presentation.

  1. My Learning Objectives (Worksheet)
  2. Ideas! (Worksheet)
  3. Action Plan (Worksheet)
  4. Fearing the Fears
  5. Taming the Stage Fright Tiger
  6. Characteristics of Powerful Presenters (Quiz)
  7. Being Authentic
  8. Planning & Logistics (Worksheets)
  9. Methods of Instruction and Learning
  10. Communication Skills (Assessment)
  11. The Multiple Modalities
  12. My Presentation (Worksheets)
  13. 7 Simple Steps to Business Presentations
  14. Creating Effective Openers & Closers (Worksheet)
  15. Using Mind Maps to Get Creative and Brainstorm
  16. Organizing Your Presentation (Template)
  17. Keeping Your Voice Healthy
  18. Handling Question & Answer Sessions
  19. Dealing with Difficult People
  20. Affirmations for Presenters
  21. Media Interview Tips
  22. Crafting An Effective Speaker Introduction (Template)
  23. My Speaker Introduction (Worksheet)
  24. Designing Dynamic Slides
  25. Sparkle When You Speak!™ 70 Tips
  26. Recommended Resources


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